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See PIC LAB-1 project. 
All input devices are included in the kit
This project has more than 25 experiments to teach 
programming the PIC16F84 microcontroller.
It shows how to connect a coil, switch, microphone, photo-transistor, potentiometer and other inputs to the micro. It has a 7-segment display as well as 8 LEDs on the output and is ideal for a Science Quest Project. The  PC board is very compact and all components (including fine solder and PIC chip) are included. ( It needs the Multi Chip Programmer to "burn" .hex files into the chip.)
Kit complete:
 au$49.90  plus au$4.40 pack and post
 us$38.50  plus us$5.50 pack and air post  (maximum)
or PC board only:
au$10.60 plus $2.20 pack and post
us$10.00 posted

Multi-Chip Programmer
See Multi-Chip Programmer project.
This project will program a number of different PIC microcontroller chips, including the two chips used in the
PIC PROGRAMMING COURSE - the PIC16F84 and PIC12C508A. The kit comes complete with all components, fine (0.71mm) solder and PC board.
You will need a serial cable to connect the Programmer to the serial port of your computer. The software for the project is on the website.
Kit complete (no serial cable):
au $10.20  plus $2.20 pack and post
us$7.85  plus $5.50 pack and air post  (maximum )
or PC board only:
au $3.65 plus $2.20 pack and post
us$3.00 plus $2.00 pack and air post
Serial Cable:
au$5.30 plus $2.20 pack and post
us$4.10 plus $5.50 pack and air post (maximum)
(only 1 pack and post is charged per order)

PIC LAB-1& Multi Chip Programmer
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